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Hello and welcome to the official blog of Fashion Metric, a Los Angeles fashion technology startup that is getting ready to disrupt the fashion space in a much-needed way. Right now only 7% of clothing is purchased online, compare this to just about any other consumer product and it looks like the fashion world has fallen behind. However, go a bit deeper and you can see where the problem lies, even though the Internet has come so far nobody has solved the fit problem online.

Sure you can measure yourself, use a fancy camera system, or even use one of those new fangled body scanners but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be able to easily find shirts that fit. Every brand fits a bit differently and to make things even more challenging, brands are changing their cuts, fabrics, and sizing all the time. To really make things difficult, although you might think that brands post all this wonderful fit information online, they don’t.

At first we thought the solution would be to create a huge database of brand sizing but we quickly found out that this would be a never-ending problem because this data changes all the time. On top of that brands even have small sizing variations between the same styles which means that the only way to really get it right is to measure the clothes ourselves. We also realized that there are two things that delight people about clothes they really love, fit and style, and solving only fit wouldn’t be enough to make our customers really love the Fashion Metric experience.

Over the last few months we have been talking to hundreds of people, meeting with experts, and devising what we think is one of the coolest algorithms to discover great clothes that fit your body and match your style. We’re not a custom shirt-maker, there are already awesome companies doing that, we are Fashion Metric and we’re building a platform that we think is pretty darn special to help men find shirts that fit and move the needle so that more than 7% of clothing is purchased online.

Easy task? We think not, but we don’t have fun solving small problems. We are Fashion Metric, this is our blog, come along for the journey and get ready to look at Men’s Fashion in a whole new way.


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  1. john harrison says:

    Really looking forward to seeing what this turns into, Morgan!

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