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 Featured image: Collaboration between Bold Metrics and Burton featuring a woman in stylish winter sportswear showcasing the partnership's focus on fit and design. -

Watch: How Burton is Personalizing their Online Shopping Experience

Bold Metrics' Vice President of Product Strategy & Partnerships, Jeff Mergy, recently had the pleasure to sit down with Burton's Senior Global eCommerce Strategist, Matthew Ames, to discuss how our AI sizing technology has helped the well-known snowboard and outdoor apparel company personalize their online shopping experience. 

Burton's Challenges: Customer Experience and Fit-Related Returns

After an introduction from Jeff, Matt kicked off the discussion by explaining that Burton, like many retailers and brands, are always working to improve their customer shopping experience and customer confidence around purchasing their products. 

"Everything related to fit is a huge factor in that purchasing decision," he added.

Besides improving customer experience, Burton also wanted to increase conversion and AOV, influence repeat purchases, and improve their overall return rates, which was especially important in their European market.

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Evaluating Sizing Solutions

The company has been looking for a solution to their sizing challenges for a couple of years now, and have created internal solutions for their hard goods like snowboards, but still needed something that could be leveraged across their apparel categories. 

In this short clip, Matt explains how Bold Metrics stood out from the other sizing solutions they evaluated.

Early Results from Using Bold Metrics' AI Sizing Solutions

Burton implemented Bold Metrics' Smart Size Chart in North America in November 2022, and then in Europe and Japan in January 2023. 

"They are fully translated experiences, which is another great benefit of the solution," Matt said.

He continued: "Early results are strong. Our data indicates that those who interact with the [Bold Metrics] tool are more inclined to be repeat shoppers. We are seeing double-digit percentage increases in those orders." 

Jeff and Matt also discussed the limitations of size charts, what an AI solution should — and shouldn't — collect around data, unexpected benefits, and more. 

Watch the entire webinar on-demand.

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