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Blue Delta Jeans Makes It Easy To Fit Customers Virtually For Jeans

Blue Delta Jeans Co. and Bold Metrics launched a virtual fitting experience to help fit customers worldwide with a few simple customer inputs. 

 Blue Delta Jeans Co. and Bold Metrics, the artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in advanced sizing solutions for the apparel industry, launched a virtual fitting experience to help fit customers anywhere in the world with just a few simple customer inputs.

Leveraging the industry leader in AI body scanning technology, Blue Delta Jeans Co. is now able to create custom denim jeans for customers without the need for in-person measuring or a time-consuming fit process.

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Customers just answer a few easy questions for Bold Metrics best-in-class AI Body Scanning technology to predict 50 individual customer body measurements. An accurate, quick and contactless way of getting fitted for your custom jeans.

“Traditionally, we required 16 body measurements from every client to make a pair of bespoke jeans, and these measurements were taken in person using a measuring tape. Now, with the implementation of the Bold Metrics Virtual Tailor, we are able to collect these same measurements from anyone, anywhere, anytime, and have full confidence that the product we make will fit.”

— Josh West

Co-founder and CEO, Blue Delta Jeans Co. 

The Bold Metrics Virtual Tailor solution produces over 50 unique customer body measurements via its AI Body Scanning technology, with accuracy comparable to a Master Tailor, creating a fast, accurate and frictionless online fitting process for new customers.

“Our technology is providing a data-backed approach to helping custom clothiers scale, and grow their markets, while reducing the amount of time and resources needed. These saved resources can then be reinvested back in other areas of the business to further boost growth. We’re excited to partner with Blue Delta Jeans on scaling their business using the Virtual Tailor.”

— Jeff Mergy

Vice President of Partnerships & Strategy, Bold Metrics

Bold Metrics’ Virtual Tailor technology enables custom clothing companies like Mississippi’s Blue Delta Jeans Co. to scale their business while ensuring the accuracy of customer body measurements – with just a simple survey. No measuring tape or guesswork required.

Together, both companies have created a scalable, direct-to-consumer custom denim model that makes on-demand custom manufacturing a reality. After implementation, return rates have fallen to just 7%, which is impressive, especially for custom apparel.

By creating a seamless and personalized fitting experience around custom denim, Blue Delta Jeans Co. has significantly expanded its potential customer base and elevated the customer retail experience around shopping for custom denim jeans online. The results of the launch have been great for both men and women hoping to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans.

(As seen on PRNewswire, Aug. 5, 2021)

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