The World’s First Smart Size Chart Matches Customers To Clothes According To Personal Fit Preference.

Do your shoppers purchase the same piece of clothing in 3 different sizes? Most of the time they aren’t sure of their fit and didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning and buying another size.  If that sounds familiar, then you aren’t alone. In fact, according to PR Newswire, 40% of shoppers are buying multiple items online with intent to return all but their favorite. This process is known as bracketing and it is especially common for apparel purchases.

Unfortunately, fit-related returns cause significant dents in revenue for apparel brands, both online and in-store. Standard size charts require customers to measure themselves, a high-friction process that results in higher returns and lower conversions. In fact, apparel businesses that use these charts experience an average return rate of 30% and a lower average conversion rate of 2% as compared to an average of 3.67%, which is considered a good conversion rate for apparel retail.

The Smart Size Chart developed by Bold Metrics provides a powerful solution to this problem. Using Machine Learning technology and proprietary algorithms, the Smart Size Chart replaces standard size charts (which aren’t very accurate, to begin with) to connect customers to clothes that fit better. Personalization is key. Being empowered to seamlessly amp up your customer experience by taking into consideration individual shopper preference when it comes to how clothes fit—that’s what makes

“Our Smart Size Chart has been proven to reduce return rates by 20-50% and increase conversions by 30% or more. It is an incredibly powerful tool for apparel brands. Not just improve their bottom line, which it does, but also to create a truly personalized, customer-first, shopping experience.”

—Morgan Linton, Co-Founder, Bold Metrics.

And it just gets better, literally. This is because Machine Learning is different from traditional predictive analytics, or mathematical prediction algorithms. Machine Learning algorithms learn by knowing when they are right, and when they are wrong. By training machine learning algorithms, the results become increasingly accurate over time. Think of it as you getting to know exactly what your customers like in terms of fit and hitting the mark every time. Win-win.

So how does it operate? Well, customers just have to answer four to six easy questions like age, height, weight, etc… and none of these require measuring tapes or awkward selfies. From this input, our technology produces over 50 distinct and highly accurate body measurements.

That information is integrated with garment data to personalize apparel discovery based on individual fit and can be tailored to your customers’ personal preferences.

Example: Criquet shirts

A size ‘S’ shirt might fit a customer best across all garment dimensions but may be a little tight around the stomach area. The Smart Size Chart shows you exactly where the shirt is tight or loose, so your customer can decide based on their unique fit preference, just like how they would do in-store.

Conclusion: Ramp up conversions and significantly reduce returns with the Smart Size Chart, which uses cutting edge technology to help apparel brands connect their customers to better-fitting clothing, in their preferred fit. Highly personalized, easy-implemented and low friction, this is a first-to-market eCommerce innovation by leading fit tech company Bold Metrics.

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