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 Featured image: SuitShop Bold Metrics Virtual Sizer Fit Finder -

Bold Metrics Fully Customizable AI Virtual Sizer Tool Helps SuitShop

Discover how SuitShop leverages Bold Metric's Virtual Sizer tool to reduce returns and increase conversion rates with smart size technology. 
SuitShop makes getting suited up a breeze. Especially for your big day. And with their virtual Fit Finder tool, customers can be sure of getting a suit that fits well and looks good.

Bold Metrics, the leader in AI digital twin technology, offers a powerful Virtual Sizer API that companies can use to build a completely customized experience around fit and sizing. With companies like ready-to-wear brand SuitShop, Bold Metrics Virtual Sizer enables customers to be fitted fast for suits and tuxedos, with proven accuracy. 

several suitshop customers in suitsFast, powerful, and accurate…

Since October 2019, SuitShop has been live with the Bold Metrics Virtual Sizer technology on its eCommerce site. SuitShop’s custom-designed fit finder front-end experience plugs into the Bold Metrics Virtual Sizer to provide customers with a convenient way to get accurately fitted without needing self-measurement, enabling the brand to grow business digitally while also reducing size exchanges. Since its implementation, SuitShop, which sells tuxedos, suiting, shirts, and other accessories for men and women and was nominated as one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America 2021, saw a dramatic 30% reduction in fit-related exchanges & reorders.

“What started as an initiative to reduce our exchange rate has evolved into a more streamlined and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. The Bold Metrics team continues to leverage our data, making size recommendations more accurate while helping us iterate on how this tool is integrated into the buying path. We’ve been really impressed by Bold Metrics’ attention to detail in understanding our customers’ needs and what would improve their utilization and trust in an online sizing tool. If customers are skeptical of the sizes we are recommending and bothered by the process, then they won’t use the recommended sizes, and the technology becomes pointless. Bold Metrics really understands that.”

– Diana Ganz, Co-Founder of SuitShop

Giving customers the confidence to shop for tailored apparel online.

The ease and speed at which the Virtual Sizer API was deployed on the platform is equally as important as the accuracy in size recommendations. Apparel brands like SuitShop can leverage Bold Metrics’ powerful AI engine to design their UX and customer journey for a truly personalized approach to fit. From the type and number of survey questions to the style and format, brands looking for an online fitting solution that is also an extension of their brand DNA can be confident they can create a results-driven, on-brand customer journey with Bold Metrics.

“The Virtual Sizer offers an apparel brand the ability to build its own experience around matching a shopper to the right product and size. Our clients know their shoppers best, so the Virtual Sizer enables them to build a custom experience they are excited to put in front of their shoppers.”

– Jeff Mergy, VP of Product at Bold Metrics

Bold Metrics' unique Virtual Sizer API enables a fast-growing apparel brand like SuitShop to increase customer confidence with its fully customized experience around fit and sizing. By creating a custom user interface, the Virtual Sizer API reduces costly exchanges and returns while enabling brands to truly personalize the retail experience. 


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