Yes, You Can Be Like Superman – Button Down Shirts For Work & Play

By | Mens Fashion

Tell me if this ever happens to you. You’re at the office working late and some co-workers ask if you’d like to meet them for drinks later on. Here’s the problem, your house is an hour away and you look like you’re dressed for a boardroom meeting not a night on the town.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be like Superman and change from dorky office guy to late night party dude? Well now you can thanks to some awesome new designers that are creating button down shirts that look great at work but, after unbuttoning the collar and rolling the sleeves, are also a perfect fit for a night on the town.

Three of our favorites are shown below all by Fly Apparel made right here in Southern California:

Fly Apparel - Jefferson

Jefferson by Fly Apparel

Fly Apparel - Franklin

Franklin by Fly Apparel

Fly Apparel - Afterhours

Afterhours by Fly Apparel

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