Why It’s So Hard To Find Jeans That Fit

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It is very likely that you’re either wearing jeans right now, or that you have a pair of jeans you absolutely love in your closet, or maybe on the floor. The point is,just about everyone on the planet has jeans, many wear them daily, they are one of the most-loved apparel items on the planet, and also some of the hardest to buy online.

Here’s the problem, a size 34 in one pair of jeans is not the same as a size 34 in another brand.While this may sound crazy, it’s true. There are certain brands (we’ll be fair and not name names) that use a waist circumference of 37″ when you buy a size 34. However it’s not all vanity sizing because a size 34 can also dip below 33″ in some cases.

As if that wasn’t already hard enough, most peoplecare about how the thigh-area of jeans fit, if this is off it can rule out entire brands. However how many people know their thigh circumference? If you were thinking less than 1%, think smaller.


Esquire magazine did a deep dive into thewaist size issue and found that some companies had size 36 jeans going all the way up to 41″. If you’re in a store you can try on jeans over, and over, and over again until you land on the right size, but online that’s not possible.

If your waist is really 36″ you’re going to have to buy a return a lot of jeans before you find the perfect fit online. While a consumer might be okay buying 4-6 pairs of the same jeans and keeping the one that fits, this process is painful for retailers who lose a small fortune in shipping and returns.

It’s a big problem and given how many consumer are now shopping from mobile more than ever before, it’s only getting amplified. Shoppers be warned, that favorite pair of jeans you have can still be your favorite, just know that you next favorite pair might be a completely different size and still fit just the way you like.

Photo Credit: Kenneth Ristau via Compfight cc|Image Credit:http://www.esquire.com/style/mens-fashion/a8386/pants-size-chart-090710/

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