When It Comes To Button Down Shirts, Fabric Matters

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Fabric matters. It really does, especially when it comes to button downs, which is also why trying new brands online can be a challenge. One of our founders once ordered a shirt that felt like sandpaper when he put it on, marked down from $80 to $20, it seemed like such a great deal…but of course he never wears it.

Dress Shirt Sleeve


At Fashion Metric with only partner with brands that we have tried ourselves and that we know produce great quality shirts. One of our favorite shirts (by us and our customers) is this checkered dress shirt with a clean red contrast collar by Second Button in New York City. What we like about this shirt is it’s versatility, tuck it in and wear it to work, or untuck it and wear it with a nice pair of jeans and you can paint the town red in it. Every single Second Button shirt is completely custom-made and if you thought made-to-measure shirts cost hundreds of dollars, think again.

Dress Shirt Contrast Collar

Fit is core to our brand because we know that you probably don’t want to measure yourself, nor do you want to have someone come to your house and measure you for an hour. We’re making it easy for guys to shop online and if you’re looking for a new dress shirt, this one from Second Button might just become your new favorite.

Red Blue Overlapping Dress Shirt



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