What? Cool Watches We’ve Never Heard Of? Introducing Uniform Wares

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We’ve talked about it before, as men we don’t have too many accessories to adorn ourselves with, so the ones that we can wear quickly become near and dear to our hearts. The king of the accessory food chain is the watch, although it may seem like a relic from an age before smartphones when telling time involved looking at your wrist, nothing could be further from the truth. The watch is far from a relic, in fact, watches are cooler than ever now and more and more men are wearing them just for fashion’s sake since we now all carry father time around in our bulging pockets.

Yesterday we discovered Uniform Wares, and after manually closing our jaws and wiping the drool off our chin we went on an all out love-fest adventure through their site. It was good ol’ Mr. Porter who introduced us to them and now I’d say with confidence, we may have a new addiction, sir.

Uniform Wares

Started in 2009 by product designers Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek these slick watches look like the $10,000 watches we’ve been oogling over for years, only at a much more practical price. That’s because, as designers, they’re all about solid design and longevity, while still emphasizing practicality and visual performance. According to their site,

While the movements are handpicked from the best Japanese and Swiss manufacturers, every other component part of a Uniform Wares timepiece, from the CNC machined cases to the hand drawn font on the back of each case, is conceived, developed and designed in the company’s London offices.

Oh, and many of the watches are priced at under $1,000. Impressed? We were.

Uniform Wares Watch

Mr. Porter has a great selection of these watches starting as low as 120 British Pounds which is is only about $180 USD. So if you’ve been looking for cool watches but think you might have to save up until you’re in your seventies to enjoy a good timepiece, think again. Hats off to Uniform Wares for making what we can honestly say is one of the coolest watches we’ve seen all year.

(Photo Credit: Mr Porter)

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