What Are Your Three Top Picks For Project Vegas?

We are excited to head to Las Vegas next week for PROJECT Vegas. Our schedule is packed and we’re really looking forward to meeting with amazing menswear designers from all over the world. It’s what Fashion Metric is all about, enabling brand discovery, curating and sorting through the clutter to bring our customers the best designers on the planet. Oh, and there’s that nice feeling knowing that everything you buy is going to fit just right.


The Fashion Metric customer might not love shopping but they love looking good, our job is to find great brands that delight our customers. We already have a nice long hit-list of brand we’ll be meeting with but as always we’d love to hear from you, our customer! If you’re coming to Project Vegas or just happened to be plugged-into the fashion scene, who are your top three picks?

We can’t wait to share what we discover and look forward to hearing who you recommend!

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