Virtusize Expands To The UK

By | Fashion Technology

Virtusize WebsiteVirtusize, a very cool virtual fitting solution has just expanded their reach in the UK thanks to a new partnership with ASOS. Virtusize has a very cool platform for getting an idea for what a particular piece of clothing will look like on your body. Here’s an example of dress sizing:


This 2D fitting solution is a great way to get a general feel for how clothes might fit. It is these kinds of virtual fitting room solutions that have been really heating up over the last few years with people like innovating like crazy in the space.

By opting for 2D vs. 3D Virtusize is able to get over some of the hurdles that and Metail have been experiencing with 3D modeling.

As many of you know, Fashion Metric is not a virtual fitting room solution nor do we compete with them, in fact for us, the more the merrier! We are the Pandora of Menswear and our goal is to help men discover new brands that match their style and fit their body. At some point we may integrate a virtual fitting room into the platform if we see our customers asking for it.

Right now our focus is adding more amazing brands from all over the world to help our customers discover more amazing designers that you won’t find on sites like Amazon or in your local shopping mall.

Congrats to Virtusize, this looks like one of the most promising virtual fitting room solutions we’ve seen so far and it looks like they have a stellar team to take things to the next level!

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