Understanding How Affluent Guys Shop Online

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You might not know that there are 19 million affluent guys who spend quite a bit of time and money online. In fact 40% of these guys are spending over $30,000/year online and shopping two or more times each week. What are they looking for? There are four main things that catch their attention:

  • Travel
  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Sports

See apparel on there? Yes, it’s on the short list so while many people think guys are all about cars and sports (which they definitely still love) clothes is something else more and more guys putting their focus on online. In fact 70% of affluent males research and buy online while only 14% research online and buy in a store.

So are stores a thing of the past? Not yet, but the data is clear, guys are shopping online more than ever and clothes is high on their list.

How Affluent Guys Shop Online

(Image Credit – iProspect.com)

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