Unboxing My First Alton Lane Dress Shirt

By | Mens Fashion

At Fashion Metric we are crazy about fashion. This means that we love clothes and particularly like trying new services, especially those that put a focus on fit. That is why we had to take Alton Lane for a spin when we were in Boston.

Alton Lane is a bespoke shirt maker with locations in New York City, Washington DC, and Boston. Like most custom shirt makers they are all about fit and getting fitted is no small feat as they do ask for a full hour of your time to go through the entire fitting process. This involves both stepping into a futuristic body scanner as well as being measured by a tailor.

After your fitting you pick out fabrics for your first shirt and in a little less than a month’s time a new shirt arrives at your house. Below is a video Morgan made after receiving his first dress shirt from Alton Lane, enjoy!

Make sure to pump the video up to HD by clicking on the small gear icon at the bottom of the video.

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