Unboxing Bonobos Vintage Washed Tees

By | Mens Fashion

We love Bonobos. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it’s one of our favorite brands on the planet and not just because they make great fitting clothes, but because they have a sense of humor that gives their brand life. It all starts with their customer service team or “Ninjas” as they call them and this continues all the way through their advertising campaigns which are always eye-catching.

Morgan (one of our founders) recently bought a pair of dark blue jeans from them which have become one of his weekly staples. As Effortless Gent said, every guy needs a pair of these and honestly, no jeans fit like a pair of Bonobos.

So when Bonobos announced a sale on their t-shirts, Morgan went for it and we thought it would be fun to share his unboxing experience with all of you. Enjoy and as always, special thanks to the Ninjas who make it all happen!

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