Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Be At IRCE 2015

The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, or IRCE as it’s called since that’s a whole lot shorter, is one of the largest conferences for Internet Retailers in the world. From keynotes by people like Jason Goldberger (@jasongoldberger), the President of, to some of the largest companies in the eCommerce world like Magento and Demandware, it has become a must-attend conference for anyone that touches the Online Retail space.

One of the key themes at the conference this year is the impact that mobile is having on both online and offline sales. According to Retail TouchPoints, “Digital Channels Will Influence $2.2 Trillion In Brick-And-Mortar Sales By End Of 2015” (Read more)


It’s an exciting time for the Internet Retail world and it’s no secret that IRCE is the place to be. Still we thought it would be a good idea to share what we think are the top five reasons that you need to be at IRCE this year. Let the countdown begin!


All of the top companies in the eCommerce world are in one place at the exact same time.


The weather is absolutely perfect in Chicago, not too hot, not too cold, just right.


In the evenings there are more events to attend and connect with new contacts than ever before.


There’s a good chance you could spot our co-founder and VP of Product on the floor like @pythongeeks did:

Morgan Linton Key Devaughn IRCE 2015


There is no better place to stay on top of trends in eCommerce right now than IRCE.


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