This Week In Menswear – Will Ferrell Dresses The Part + Great Holiday Gift Ideas

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Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to This Week in Menswear brought to you by the team here at Fashion Metric. We know life is busy so we’ve kept-up with the latest-and-greatest in menswear news and blog posts so that you can get your weekly dosage of mens fashion goodness with the best stuff all curated in one place.

One of our favorites from this week comes from GQ which did a look at what celebrities were wearing this week. As usual Will Ferrell might not win the best-dressed award but he sure did give us a laugh and we’d thought you’d all appreciate this little ditty he put together.


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#1 – The GQ Eye – Last Night’s Must See Menswear

Let’s face it, GQ goes to all the coolest events and gets exclusive photos of guys showing-off their latest threads. The article they published yesterday shows what some of our favorite celebs are wearing and touches on some nice trends to keep an eye on this winter. Don’t worry, there’s not much reading, just great photos to give you a bit of winter outfit inspiration.
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#2 – The ACL Guide To Giving Good Gifts

When it comes to menswear A Continuous Lean is one of our personal favorites. Oh, and in case you missed the memo, the holidays are just around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about gifting. Sure, you can rack your brain for great ideas or just let the experts at ACL point you in the right direction. [Read More]


#3 – 21 Questions With Menswear Designer Michael Bastian

It goes without saying that Michael Bastian is one of the top menswear designers on the planet and while we wish we could ask him 21 questions, we’re not quite at that level yet…but the Fashion Spot is and they did just that. If you’ve ever wanted to get inside Michael’s head and understand a bit more about what makes this Menswear icon do what he does then you’ll really like this feature TFS ran this week. [Read More]

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