The Guy’s Guide To New Year’s

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As 2013 comes to an end one of the biggest night’s of the year approaches – New Year’s Eve. People often make plans months in advance, but there’s a good chance you’re not one of those people, are you? If you’re anything like us you love New Year’s but life is busy and plans have to come-together at the last minute.

Feeling lost? Afraid your New Year’s isn’t going to be the blowout bash you were hoping for? Don’t worry, we have a guide that can help you chart a path to a truly awesome New Year’s even if your planning really is just starting today!


Avoid The Big Expensive “All-You-Can-Drink” Club Pass
It sounds great, $150, all the drinks are free and you get to ring in the New Year with other excited people. Here’s the problem, in most cases these seemingly awesome deals lead to incredibly long lines and endless waits to get a drink. Unless you’ve been to the venue before on New Year’s read reviews or ask friends who have been. In general avoiding these over-packed clubs will be a better experience and you won’t run the risk of ringing in the New Year sober.


Shots can be fun, but go easy tiger
Yes, there’s a good chance you’ll end up getting an offer to do shots with someone at some point during your New Year’s adventures. One shot should be fine but turn it into 3-4 and you might have a night to remember that you can’t. Starting 2014 with a hangover is no fun, neither is reviewing your Facebook account the next day…


Stick with friends
You might be torn between a few different options for New Year’s. Trust us, you’ll have the most fun with people you truly enjoy spending time with. If one option sounds like a blast but involves hanging-out with people you don’t know so well we’d always opt for sticking with your friends. The same is true as the party gets started, lose your friends and you might spend most of New Year’s wandering around searching for them, literally, so stick together!


Have a good hearty meal
You like pasta right? Pick something filling and hearty to eat on New Year’s Eve, this will help you maintain your energy level and keep you going strong all night. Whatever you do, don’t miss dinner – you’ll thank us later.


Make sure you have someone to kiss by 11:55PM
You know the drill, at midnight you should be kissing someone, it’s good luck right? Don’t wait until 11:59PM to find that special someone, act early and make sure you have it all worked-out with five minutes to spare.

Last but certainly not least, enjoy New Year’s responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, just enjoy your time with friends or family and make some memories that you’ll enjoy looking back on in 2014. Happy New Years from all of us here at Fashion Metric and we’ll see you next year!
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