The Groomsman Suit Boosts Customer Purchasing Confidence With Bold Metrics

“Having an accurate fitting tool was important to our engaged couples searching for wedding suiting to ensure their guys would look sharp on their big day.”

Diana Ganz, Co-Founder of The Groomsman Suit

The Groomsman Suit experienced a customer fit accuracy of over 90% after using Bold Metrics technology, as well as a 5% exchange and return rate, down from an average rate of 30%, from customers who were not using the Bold Metrics fit finder tool to purchase their suit.

The product: An easy way to look sharp for the big day.

Founder Diana Ganz and Jeanne created The Groomsman Suit in February 2016 after Jeanne realize there was a huge market potential to provide affordable, stylish suiting options for groomsmen that fit well. 

Look sharp on your big day with the Groomsman Suit.

The challenge: Giving the customer confidence when purchasing a suit online.

 The Groomsman Suit’s biggest challenge was providing potential customers with the confidence and reassurance that purchasing a suit online for their big day would be a seamless, simple process with an end result that would fit them well and make them look good. Equally as important as the accuracy in size recommendations, is the ease of use and simplicity of the survey required to make the fit predictions for online purchases. The key was to only ask customers questions that they would know off the top of their heads, no measuring tape required.

The solution

  • The Groomsman Suit integrated Bold Metrics Virtual Tailor technology product tool onto their online platform in October.
  • The size recommendation tool is currently optional for customers. It will be fully deployed with the ordering process this year.

The results

Initial test models have shown extremely positive results. Customers who opt to use the fit finder option and ordered sizes recommended show a fit accuracy of over 90%, indicating the potential to drastically reduce the company’s overall average exchange rate from 30% to close to 5%. In addition, the increase customer confidence and improved experience around fit and sizing translate to greater customer loyalty and better word-of-mouth recommendations. With Bold Metrics technology, The Groomsman Suit was not only able to reduce costly exchanges and returns, but also grow consumer confidence and optimize resources more efficiently, while positively impacting the bottom line 

“The fact that we now use sophisticated sizing technology is very reassuring to prospective customers. The question they always ask us is, “How does sizing work if my guys can’t come into a showroom to get fitted?” It is a huge selling point that we can tell them we have a tool that can accurately guide their friends to the best size without any measurements. ”

—Diana Ganz, Co-Founder of The Groomsman Suit

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