Second Button Now Featuring Fashion Metric Fit Technology

In December of last year we met with an amazing bespoke shirt maker in New York City called Second Button. We really liked the founders and their vision, they were thinking outside of the box and making great-looking shirts that stood out from the crowd.

Second Button Shirt

Then in early 2013 Second Button came to us with a problem – they were limited by geography. With amazing shirts and excited customers Second Button was doing great things, but customers had to be in NYC in order to get measured.

Second Button

They mentioned a new promotion they would be a part of in March in conjunction with the Microsoft Outlook launch campaign in collaboration with Thrillist. The campaign would go out to people across the US and they wanted to find a way to capture these customer’s measurements online. Could we get Fashion Metric ready for prime-time by then?

It has been an incredibly busy couple of months but we are excited to say that we did it! The campaign launched yesterday and Second Button customers have been coming to our site at a nice clip getting fitted for some awesome custom shirts.


We have also added Second Button as an official design partner on our main site at and our customers are already starting to enjoy some of the stylin’ Second Button shirts on our site.

Exciting times at Fashion Metric and we’re already starting to see how much men have been wanting to discover innovative new emerging designers like Second Button. We are Fashion Metric, the Pandora of Menswear and we’re changing the way people shop for clothes online.

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