Running Late, Waiting For My Shirt To Finish Printing

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Okay, maybe you’ve never said this before but in the not too distant future you just might. 3D Printing is a growing trend and designers are already applying the technology to the fashion space. A new startup, Continuum Fashion is already starting to build the technology of tomorrow, today with a new app that allows users to print their own clothes based on their own photos. Feel like you’re living in the future yet?



Mashable has a great interview with Continuum Fashion co-founder Mary Huang that is definitely worth reading. It is clear 3D Printing is not a passing trend like 3D TV’s, it’s big and it’s only getting bigger.

Wearable Stratasys and Materialise 3D Printed Pieces Hit Paris Fashion Week at Iris van Herpen Show

(Photo Credit – HPCWire)

Two days ago 3D Printed clothing were on center stage at Paris Fashion Week thanks to Dutch designer Iris van Herpen who shared two new outfits with the world. Iris originally introduced her 3D printed clothes back in 2010 however technology has progressed in two short years making her latest creations even more advanced. Now, with the ability to print with hard and soft materials in tandem van Herpen has taken her clothing to the next level.

While the technology is still very new it is clear that we are only scratching the surface of what is possible. Thanks to companies like Continuum Fashion and designers like Iris van Herpen the future of fashion is looking bright.

Want a 3D Printer of your own? For $1,200 Cubify will get you started with a 3D Printer made for home use, no you won’t be able to design the dresses found at Fashion Week but you can try it out without spending a small fortune.

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  1. dina bahgat says:

    Any Idea which 3D printer did Iris van Herpen or continuum are using to do these designs ?

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