Pacific Issue Brings European-Style Fit to the West Coast With Bold Metrics

Pacific Issue used Bold Metrics technology to cut shirt remakes due to poor fit issues by 80% 

“It’s a really great tool and database of information. Rather than being an out-of-the-box solution, you can tweak the Bold Metrics system to make it work for your customers’ fit preferences and your own business needs.”

—Aaron May, Co-Founder of Pacific Issue.

Pacific Issue uses Bold Metrics to help customers achieve better-fitting shirts according to their body shape and fit preferences.

The product: Work Hard, Play Hard

Mike Koranda and Aaron May were inspired by the European-style custom tailored shirts they discovered whilst traveling and started Pacific Issue to providing custom-tailored shirts that could stand up to the SoCal work and play lifestyle—from post-sunrise surf to the cubicle and out for drinks on the town.

The challenge: Overcoming Obstacles

Initially powered by self-measurement tools, the results from beta users and early adopters saw a 50 percent failure rate and highly inaccurate measurements. The ill-fitting shirts meant starting from scratch for many clients, wasting valuable time and dollars for the small team. For the business to survive, Pacific Issue required an easily-integrated and immediate measurement solution.

The solution

  • Utilizing the Virtual Tailor technology from Bold Metrics to resolve their custom shirt fit issues.
  • Integrating Bold Metrics’ frictionless measurement system into Pacific Issue’s website via their easily adoptable API.

The results

One year after launching the company, fewer than 10 percent of Pacific Issue shirts need to be remade, a nearly four-fold decrease from the original batch.

Bold Metrics helped Pacific Issue’s team save time on tailoring and saved their customers time on ordering, reducing the initial fitting process from 20 minutes of painstaking self-measurements to 2 minutes of answering few simple questions online and turning their business around in the process.

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