OwnThis Launches Tumblr Enabled eCommerce Solution

By | Fashion Technology

There’s a new tech startup in town and it’s doing something very cool that works with a platform many people already know and love. We’re talking about New York City-based OwnThis (OwnTh.is) that has just released their solution that enables tumblr enabled eCommerce.

ownthis_siteSo how does OwnThis work?

One of the most brilliant things about this solution is that it allows tumblr users to sell products directly from their streams without having to do lots of custom coding or deal with complicated data feeds. Here’s an example of OwnThis in action, let’s suppose you have a hat like the one below in your tumblr feed:


Click on this hat and OwnThis pops up a window that makes it easy to quickly buy the product without disrupting the user experience.


We’ve never seen anything like this before and while we of course love all the applications this has in the Fashion world, clearly OwnThis can be applied to any industry and just about any product. The best part about it is that existing tumblr users don’t have to change the way they do things, instead it easily integrates into their sites enabling eCommerce while they continue to do what they love to do.

The founder of OwnThis, Anoop Kansupada is an awesome guy and we had the chance to meet with him in New York City last year. With Anoop at the helm we can tell you that OwnThis is definitely going to be doing big things. As always we’ll keep you updated here on the Fashion Metric blog. Now stop reading this and hop on over to OwnTh.is to try it out yourself!


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