One Size Does Not Fit All

Online shoppers are faced with a real problem when it comes to buying clothes online. This problem centers around fit and is complicated by varying size standards between brands. The end result is low conversion rates, high return rates for retailers and brands, and leaves consumers still buying clothing in-store a vast majority of the time because they want to “try the clothes on” before buying them.

While shoppers might know their size in one brand they might be a different size in another brand. Adding to the confusion is size charts that often rely on shoppers knowing information like their collar, sleeve, and chest which is only useful if you have a measuring tape close-by and you know how to use it…which represents less than 1% of people shopping online.

We did a deeper dive into four popular dress shirt brands, all size Small, to see how measurements varied. Here are the results:

One Size Fits All

As you can see, a small in Banana Republic could have a collar as small as 14″ which is almost two inches smaller than a Robert Graham shirt in the same size. Ben Sherman uses a different arm length measurement for sleeve than other brands leaving shoppers scratching their head at what a 26.2″ sleeve could mean.

Couple all of this with the fact that some brands use body measurements in size charts and others use garment measurements and it gets even more confusing. Put all of this together and you can understand why over 80% of shoppers buy clothing in-store where they can try it on and determine which size actually fits them best.

Some websites offer “measurement guides” however it is unlikely that anyone shopping online has a measuring tape sitting next to them, and another person to accurately take the measurements. This confusion leads to two outcomes, more often than not the shopper just doesn’t make the purchase, when they do, they’re often buying two sizes since they don’t have enough information to make a decision.

At Fashion Metric we have built a suite of technologies to take the guesswork out of sizing making it easy to provide online shoppers with a seamless experience that both reduces returns and increases conversions. We take the complexity out of the process, no measuring tapes and confusing guides, just simple questions that shoppers can answer in under 20 seconds. If the chart above is confusing to you, it’s probably confusing to your shoppers, and lucky for both of you, we’re here to help.

You can sign-up for a demo of the Virtual Sizer today to learn more.

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