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One of our favorite Men’s Fashion blogs is Effortless Gent, a publication run by San Francisco-based designer Barron Cuadro. Barron always has great posts about how to optimize your wardrobe and improve your style. It’s been a daily read for us for a while now and we recently read his latest book, The Lean Wardrobe which we’re adding to our “Must Read” list.


The book covers some very solid topics that applies to all guys and puts good emphasis on the concept of simplifying your wardrobe while focusing on critical staples every guy should have. It also covers a topic near and dear to our hearts, fit:

“All else being equal, fit trumps brand and quality, every time.” (Barron Cuadro – The Lean Wardrobe)

It’s a great point and one we can’t emphasize enough. You can buy a fine $3,500 Italian suit but if it’s baggy you’ll end up looking less stylish than a $300 suit from Zara that actually fits. When it comes to most things in life, less is often more and this is definitely true when applied to your wardrobe and Barron’s latest book, The Lean Wardrobe has some great inspiration in it which is why we think it’s a must read for all guys.

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  1. Baldguy says:

    It seems like that the book will be helpful. But from here i could buy this? And what is the price of it?

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