Men’s Spring and Summer Fashion Trends Emerging from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and we’re excited to be heading out to the Big Apple next week! For now we’ve been watching the trends emerging from Fashion Week and reading some of the great reports on what guys should be looking forward to in the spring and summer.

As you know, in the world of fashion things move quickly and trends that were in one season could be completely out the next season. Below are some of the men’s fashion trends we see coming out of New York Fashion Week and into your wardrobe this spring.

1. Florals and expressive prints – get ready to express yourself this fall as florals and some pretty expressive prints are in and not hard to miss. Fashion Beans wrote a great article about how floral are growing in popularity and designs like the one below highlighted in GQ show how guys can really embrace their wild side a bit more both with colors and patterns.


(Source – GQ,GQ Editors’ Picks from New York Fashion Week)

2. Move over hair, hats are in – if you’ve been afraid to mess up your perfect hair, it’s time for a chance because hats are back and can be seen all over the runway. While hats started making their comeback in Fall of 2012 the trend is still gaining momentum. Of course this trend will come as no surprise to Johnny Depp who has been sporting hats for years.

Johnny Depp

(Source – styelist)

3. Michael Bastian is doing big things- well he’s been doing big things for a long time now but he this year he is getting a lot of attention over his spring collection. Esquire did a great piece on Michael that is definitely worth reading.


(Source – Noble Custom)

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