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It’s no secret that men love blue, a lot. So there’s a good chance when you look in your closet you’ll find lots of blue from blue dress shirts to blue jeans to blue shoes. While we love blue just like the rest of you, we also pay attention to the latest fashion trends and are excited to say that in 2013 Orange is in. This gives men a great excuse to buy some new clothes and accessories that might spice up your blue outfits and make them really pop. At Fashion Week orange was out in full force and whether you go big with a bright orange shirt, or use orange to compliment one of your favorite outfits, brands around the world are embracing this color, and you should to.

So we thought we’d give you a few ideas for integrating orange into your wardrobe.

Orange Socks

This is an easy one and something you can get started with before you take the plunge. Orange socks go with all kinds of outfits and they will definitely get you some attention which is what fun socks are all about. We highly recommend these awesome orange socks from Soxfords:

Socksfords Orange Socks

Orange Dress Shirts

Go big or go home right? An orange dress shirt definitely stands out a lot more than a blue one, but then again there’s nothing wrong with standing out in a crowd. There are some amazing orange dress shirts out there and we recommend this nice crisp orange shirt from Orlebar Brown available on Mr. Porter.


Orange Pants

So you’re a daredevil, good, we like that! If you’re going to sport some orange pants look no further than Bonobos Sunrise Orange pants:


So if you’re ready to go bold and mix things up a bit, orange is in and with any of the selections above you’re sure to turn heads. Just remember to make sure it fits!

2 Responses to " Men’s Fashion Trends – Orange Is In "

  1. I’m not convinced that orange will take over too much, however, I feel that basic summer gear like shorts and sandals will be most popular in this colour. It’s certainly a good colour for the eccentrics however.

  2. Tom Schmit says:

    I agree with Jonathan. The good news is that designers are starting to make pants in a wide verity of colors. We have more selections, other than the standard 3 colors.

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