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So we are starting a new series here on the Fashion Metric blog and we’re calling it Men’s Fashion Advice Monday’s. This was inspired by our favorite subreddit Male Fashion Advice where guys can ask for style advice and get meaningful feedback. Let’s face it, there aren’t many outlets for guys to get this kind of advice but at the end of the day whether you love shopping or hate it I think we all care about how we look right?

Here’s how it’s going to work. Simply write your question in the comment section below and we’ll have one of our stylists (yes a real stylist) answer your question and give you some solid feedback. Want to wear a black belt with dark brown shoes? Just bought a new sweater and want to know if it matches your favorite pants? Ask and get free advice from real stylists.

Want to know if you can wear this outfit?


Sure the belt and pants go well together but you’ll have to lose the arm and neck warmers…now it’s your turn.

Ready? Let’s get started! Ask your questions in the comment section below:

Photo Credit: MAX CHERNITSOV via Compfight cc

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