Interview With Stone Rose Designer Shai Medalsy

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To kick-off 2014 we featured one of our curator’s favorite brands - Stone Rose. Along with featuring some of our favorite selections we also had a chance to ask Stone Rose’s designer Shai Medalsy some questions about the brand. Want to know more about the vision behind Stone Rose? Read on and enjoy!


What was your biggest inspiration for starting Stone Rose?

It came together naturally when we were having a hard time finding the clothes we wanted. There was always an issue whether it was the fit or the styling with the products out there. So we started looking into the market and found that there was a big gap in menswear between low end and high end. This is how we started making shirts that were quality price conscious.

How has your thinking about menswear changed since you started the company?

It changes all the time from one collection to another. When you’re so closely involved with your product, you mature alongside it. Men are more self conscious and you can see that not only in their wardrobe choices, but also with how men take more care of their skin, their hair, their beards! There is more presence for a well groomed man than there was in the past.

Tell me about the Stone Rose guy, when you design a new shirt who do you envision wearing it?

A man who wants to look different without looking like he’s trying too hard. His look has an effortless sophisticated sex appeal to it. The Stone Rose man knows what he wants and follows our philosophy of Living in the Now.

How do you see the menswear world changing over the next 2-3 years?

I think that there will be a bigger focus on the total look rather than the individual piece. It will be all in how you wear it, what you will match together and how you will show off your personality. My predictions is that we will be seeing a lot more variety and choice for men just like in womenswear, which is great news!

Anything you can share with us about what’s ahead for Stone Rose? Future designs? Potential collaborations?

We are focussing on expanding our markets and becoming a global brand where we have pieces for everyone. Already in our Fall 14 collection, we have a variety of colours, textures, prints, various collars styles, different cuts, the best quality fabrics the world has to offer….the list goes on and on! We have an exciting journey ahead and invite you to stick around to find out!

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