How To Roll Your Cuffs Above The Elbow To Keep Cool This Summer

By | Mens Fashion

Summer is here and that means that it’s time to let loose and roll your sleeves up, unbutton that second button, and get comfortable. Here’s the problem, rolling your cuffs the wrong way can make you look sloppy and it’s not always as easy as you’d think. Don’t worry, Fashion Metric is here to rescue you with a easy three-step guide for rolling your cuffs so you can enjoy some fun in the sun in style!

Step 1: Unbutton the cuff and any other buttons along the sleeve of the shirt

Roll Cuff

Step 2: Pull the cuff back up your arm keeping it inside-out

Roll Your Cuffs

Step 3: Keep going until you get just past your elbow

Rolling Your Cuffs

Step 4: Now wrap the bottom of the rolled portion of the shirt back over the end of the sleeve. It’s a bit like tucking in sheets and you’ll use the rolled inside-out portion to tuck the top sleeve in.

Roll Cuffs For Summer

Done! You now have your shirt rolled past your elbow and thanks to Step 4 it will stay in place without having to constantly adjust it all day. Now you’re really ready for the summer!

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