How Fit Technology Can Transform the Bridal Industry

With online boutiques popping up now that are offering brides-to-be the luxury of ordering custom-fit gowns at a fraction of the cost, the need to deliver accurate sizes quickly is an increasingly important aspect of building both the brand and the business. According to the American Wedding Study, “18% of brides say that they purchased their wedding dress online, with 32% choosing to make their purchase from a national bridal chain”. To survive and thrive, eCommerce platforms servicing this sector will need to make the digital fitting process as seamless and accurate as possible. This is where fit technology can help.

This week is Bridal Market Week in NYC and with the industry projected to see total revenue of $2bn in 2019, it’s a fitting time to explore the impact fit technology could have on custom bridal gown businesses.
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Implementing proper fit technology can significantly reduce the number of fittings required and the time taken to service each customer, freeing up valuable resources that could be reinvested back in the company. Melissa Bryant of LeAnn’s Bridal in McKinney, Texas cast more light on the long lead times required for fitting and alterations when it comes to bridal gowns. “The time it takes to alter a dress sometimes can be a shock to a bride. It is better to allow 8-12 weeks for ‘normal’ alterations to be completed. If you want customizations, you should allow more time according to the complexity of the work done.”

Besides saving on time, integrating fit technology into the business platform can also cut down the cost of alterations for brides and bridesmaids by addressing sizing issues prior to production. Such is the case with Borrowing Magnolia, an online bridal resale boutique which offered brides-to-be access to gowns at a fraction of their original cost. The brand utilized Bold Metrics fit technology to increase conversions by 50% and improve fit accuracy by up to 90%. And the savings on this isn’t something to be sniffed at. According to Beth Chapman of The White Dress By the Shore in Clinton, Connecticut, given the painstaking work and level of artistry involved in most bridal gowns, brides should budget a minimum of $500 towards gown alterations.

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