How Bold Metrics Increased Swimwear Label Bleu Rod Beattie’s Site Conversions By 50%

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“Site conversion rate went from 1.2% to 1.8% which saw a 50% increase in conversion rate”

Joshua Behr
Director of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, AMEREX Group

Make a splash…

Bleu Rod Beattie is a collection of contemporary swimwear by Rod Beattie, inspired by his Southern California roots and love of travel. A combination of modern aesthetic with clean lines, bright colors, and bold prints, it offers an extensive selection of silhouettes, shapes, coverage, support, and sizing with tops and bottoms sold separately so a shopper can find the right size and proportion for her body type. Sizes range from 4 to 14.

Bleu Rod Beattie swimwear features a modern aesthetic with clean lines, bright colors, and bold prints, and offers an extensive selection of silhouettes, coverage, support, and sizing.

The challenge: FIT DEEP DIVE 

Swimwear faces unique fit challenges due to the huge diversity is body shapes and sizes, as well as how form-fitting each piece is. Connecting customers to their ideal fit according to personal fit preferences and individual garment style was crucial to creating a happy and loyal customer in a highly competitive market.

How Bold Metric’s unique technology helped boost site conversions and create a better customer shopping experience

  • As a direct result of integrating Bold Metrics technology, online conversion rates increased by 50%.
  • In just a few easy questions, Bold Metrics technology helped connect customers with swimwear that fit them better, resulting in a significant 21% drop in fit-related returns for the brand.
  • The easy-to-use size finder tool helped improve the customer retail experience and create a seamless, fuss-free online retail experience that boosted conversions and led to happier, more satisfied customers who returned less.
Thanks to Bold Metrics, Bleu Rod Beattie's customers came back happier and ready to spend.

Proven Results

By enabling customers, and potential customers, to find their preferred fit in just a few clicks and removing the need for self-measurement, Bleu Rod Beattie leveraged Bold Metrics A.I-powered technology to increase site conversions by 50%, raising conversion rates from 1% to 1.8% post-integration.

Taking the guesswork out of sizing in a competitive apparel category with incredibly low margins for fit error meant that customers were more satisfied with their purchases and less likely to return them. By connecting customers with better-fitting swimwear, Bleu Rod Beattie saw a 21% decrease in returns – a direct result of integrating Bold Metrics technology.

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