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Details can bring an outfit together. They are the reason brown and black can coexist peacefully. They can add a splash of color or pattern to clean, crisp look, giving you that fresh and modern feel you’re going for.

But, for most men, there is an odd fear or hesitance towards those details or accessories that require tying. The tie has fought to stay firmly in the every day wardrobe, thanks in part to manly discoveries like keeping your ties pre-tied, clip ons, and our secret weapon: women (who prove their superiority by somehow innately knowing how to tie a tie.) Because of this aversion to knots and folding, men rarely wear bow ties or pocket squares; and while the former is actually starting to make move to the mainstream, the latter still remains underused.

This is a shame because the pocket square is incredibly versatile, has a great price range, and can add depth instantly to your wardrobe. Not only are there a nearly endless variety of colors, patterns, and materials from which to choose, but they also do not require a standard fold, per se. For example, there are at least fourteen different folds that yield different effects, and they vary as much as an occasion may. It’s true that some borderline on complex origami (see the Three Stair,) but there is a definite air that it’s the aesthetic, not the method, that is the goal. I would say that whatever form you want the square to take would be wholly acceptable if it agrees with your overall style.

As with any new expressive medium, it’s always good to become familiar with some of the basics, and a few of the more elaborate designs:

The One Point

The One Point– This is one of the most basic folds. Clean and classic, it can fit into almost any wardrobe and any occasion.

The Flat Top

The Flat Top– Another simple fold, the Flat adds a vintage feel that can really embellish a suit.

The Double Point Roll

The Double Point Roll– Or, “The Rock and Roll,” is a fancier expression. It’s exciting and different while still holding on to the class of the pocket square.

The Three Stairs

The Three Stairs– One of the more complicated folds, it is a power move for a job interview or a wedding… anywhere you want to make an impression and exude confidence.

Photo Credits: HankyBuddy.com, PerfectPocketSquares.com
Folding How-To: SamHober.com

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