Guy’s Guide: How To Be An Awesome Guest At A Holiday Party

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It’s that time of year, break out the egg nog and the ugly Christmas sweaters, the Holiday Party season is here. There’s a good chance you’ll go to at least two holiday parties this year, one at your office (or hopefully somewhere more fun) and one at a good friend of family members house.

Now it’s your choice, do you show up as just another guy at the party or do you become the hero, the guy who saves the party and makes it oh so much better? Yeah, we like option two a lot as well. Follow these steps below and you might just find yourself as the life of the party:

  1. Bring an alcohol people haven’t heard of – everyone brings wine, beer, or vodka. Dare to be different and try to find something different, possibly exotic, the point is give guests (and the hosts) something fun to try, not just another mixer. Get it…because you’re not just any guy right?
  2. Wear Cool Socks – there’s a good chance you’ll have to take your shoes off if you’re going to someone else’s house. Don’t just be another guy with white socks, or the winter favorite blue or black wool socks. Try some fun socks like these from US-based Soxfordsand let your feet do the talking.
  3. Smell amazing – there’s nothing like talking to someone who smells great, don’t you want to be that someone? Check-out’s Best Colognes for the Fall to pick one that will be sure to do the trick.
  4. Prepare for a jacketless you – it might be cold outside but that doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing your jacket at the party. Don’t pick an outfit that looks great with the jacket on but looks like you’re lazing around your house on a Sunday once it’s off. Wear a nicely fitted button down, you don’t have to tuck it in, but if it fits right it will look and feel amazing.
  5. Don’t be the guy wearing the lampshade at the end of the night – last but not least, while you want to be the guy who is the life of the party, you don’t want to be “that guy” who spends his night wasted. Everything in moderation, it’s not a drinking competition, it’s a holiday party, enjoy but do so responsibly, trust me and you’ll definitely thank me later.

Boom! You are now ready to take your next holiday party by storm. Just be prepared for lost of compliments and if you’re single, you might not be for very long.

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