Grunge Is Back – Summer 2013 Men’s Fashion Trends

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International Design Times has released their Mens’ Fashion Summer 2013 Trend Report and there’s one undeniable fact, like it or not, grunge is back. The trend report highlights 24 different pieces and you can’t miss the grunge influence that has made its way back into summer style.

One of the more unique designs is this Brooks Brothers hooded sports shirt which might be too hot for LA but could come in handy if you live somewhere that gets summer showers:

Brooks Brothers Hooded Sports Shirt


Another nice choice is a pair of “distressed” grey denim, the ones pictured below are from the designer, Fresh:

Fresh Grey Denim


Preppy is also in, and brands like Ralph Lauren have a nice showing for the summer. You can read more about Men’s Summer Trends on, just remember to use lots of sunscreen no matter what you end up wearing, a sunburn is definitely not in style.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for sharing these great style tips!

    I’m also loving the idea of “glamping” for the summer. There’s a video about it on YouTube at and I’m looking forward to being glamorous while camping this summer!

    Vanessa 🙂

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