Five Platforms To Consider When Starting An Apparel eCommerce Store

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Rewind ten years ago and launching an apparel eCommerce store often involved hiring a team of programmers, today there are platforms that allow anyone to launch a store themselves. At the same time there are over 50 eCommerce platforms so researching all of them can quickly lead to information overload.

Below are five platforms that are definitely worth considering if you are thinking of starting an apparel eCommerce store online. The first two can be setup by anyone, the other three allow for more advanced customizations but will require some programming knowledge or a developer who can jump in and help out.


BigCommerce –  without a doubt BigCommerce has one of the best platforms for quickly and easily building an online store without writing a single line of code. Thanks to a rich library of “Apps” you can easily add complex functionality to your site with the press of a button.


Shopify – like BigCommerce, Shopify can also be setup without writing a single line of code and also has a large library of apps that make adding complex functionality a cinch.

demandwareDemandware – need more horsepower and customization options? Demandware powers some of the most well-known sites on the planet like Adidas, Crocs, Brooks Brothers and many more. You will need some serious programming chops or in many cases will need to hire someone who does but with Demandware the sky really is the limit.


Magento – like Demandware, Magento is highly customizable and has enough power to run some of the largest eCommerce stores in the world. Companies like Nike, Fiji Water, Paul Smith and many more trust Magento to run their store. You will most-likely need a Magento expert to get everything going but once it’s running a rich plugin library makes it easy to add additional functionality without bugging your developer.

spree-commerceSpreeCommerce –  one of the newest entrants to the eCommerce platform world, Spree has quickly gained popularity as a full customizable eCommerce solution. Think of Spree as a blank canvas, you’ll need to know Ruby and be darn good at it but you can literally create a store from scratch with Spree taking care of the backend.

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