Firefighters Get Fitted Fast at Fire-Dex With Bold Metrics AI Sizing Solutions.

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“From a brand perspective–it bolsters our image of being at the forefront of innovation and not simply doing what our competitors do.”

—Todd Herring
Vice President, Product Innovation and Strategy, Fire-Dex

Bold Metrics turns a laborious and unscalable fitting process into a highly-accurate fitting experience that can be completed in minutes from the comfort of your home.

Two men getting fitted for firefighter uniforms by sales people.
The original method of getting firefighters fitted in Fire-Dex PPE required a painstaking process that involved long travel times, specially-trained staff, and for the firefighters to try on an assortment of sizes to determine the best fit for comfort, performance, and most importantly, safety.

The Product: First-Responders PPE and gear

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Medina, Ohio, Fire-Dex is a family-owned global manufacturer of PPE for first responders and the nation’s largest Independent Service Provider (ISP) of PPE care and maintenance.

The challenge: Sorting firefighters PPE Sizing

  • Traditionally, sales reps drive up to 4 hours to a fire department for a fitting.
  • 2-3 hours are spent fitting customers on-site. Customers try on physical samples and measurements are taken for any adjustments needed.
  • Repeat sizing sessions are often necessary due to “stragglers”. This means an inefficient doubling of travel and extra time required for fittings.

The solution:

Fire-Dex implemented Bold Metrics’ Virtual Sizer solution to help its firefighters get fitted fast, with accurate results. Instead of traveling to an assigned location on a set date to try on physical garments and get measured in person, Fire-dex’s customers can now access a simple survey to ascertain their ideal size based on individual fit preference.

Customers just fill in a simple survey, and our proprietary AI and Machine Learning technologies do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. The result is an accurate size recommendation based on personal fit preference, on a style-by-style basis.

Our Virtual Sizer helps customers find the right size, in the right style, based on their unique fit preference. Leveraging Bold Metrics’ proprietary Machine Learning technology, the accuracy of the recommendations continuously improves over time.

The user experience is also customizable, enabling a brand to personalize the sizing experience according to the company’s DNA and tailoring the questions according to unique consumer input requirements.

“We looked at multiple technologies early on. The camera approach seemed to be a really cool concept but when testing we found challenges with the process. In our situation, we are sizing groups of people so it requires a private area to be setup for the scanning which is inherently awkward and inefficient.

The Bold Metrics approach is just so simple. Answer a few questions and Bam–It’s magic!”

—Todd Herring
Vice President, Product Innovation and Strategy, Fire-Dex

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