Finding the (Delicious) Killer Application for Our Technology

Ever wake up at 3am thinking about work? Usually it’s either because you’re working on something really exciting, or you’re worried something is going horribly wrong and on the verge of collapse (or both!).

That was me recently — excitement that is, not fear of impending collapse — thinking about how awesome the Smart Size Chart can be for our brand and retail customers. It’s like a breakfast taco — a nice fluffy tortilla delivering tasty and nutritious ingredients to your mouth with high efficiency. Without the tortilla wrapping, you’d still have a plate of tasty breakfast items, but they’d require more effort to consume. The taco is the vehicle for velocity and scale — it’s the killer application for frictionless adoption of our plate of technological breakfast items.

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In our product journey at Fashion Metric, we’ve learned what so many strong technical teams have had to learn. Our great group of engineers built an incredible backend technology for accurately predicting body measurements, based on our ingredients of proprietary algorithms and extensive datasets, which we then cooked into a productized API. When our sales team pitched it to prospects, we did so telling a story of how flexibly it could be implemented. But our clients weren’t consuming the delicious technology as quickly as we hoped.

We disproved our first assumptions that customers would want the utmost flexibility to choose how they wanted to implement our technology and products, so our natural next move was to create a solution — we put all of the ingredients on a plate. But what we really needed to find was our breakfast taco.

Some famous examples: At Facebook, introducing the News Feed made the service much more streamlined and easy for users to adopt — no more visiting (stalking) pages one-by-one for updates. Likewise, the simplicity of the App Store vaulted the iPhone from one-among-many to the preeminent piece of tech hardware on the planet.

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For Fashion Metric’s clients, the Smart Size Chart is the easiest way to get game-changing technology in front of online shoppers when they need it most. It’s our breakfast taco. It delivers confidence and a personalized experience, while impacting key metrics for the retailer. We certainly think each of our partners can truly benefit from fully exploring the depths of our products and solutions for their businesses, manducating and savoring the experiences we offer. But we’re certain that the Smart Size Chart is the fastest way to taste what we’ve cooked up.

TL;DR: I dream of size charts. Let’s grab a taco and chat sometime.

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  1. Hello,

    6 years in advertising industry here.

    I really do have a million dollar application idea for your back end. I’m willing to do all the heavy lifting and sales.

    I’m really keen to discuss my idea with you.

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