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CES is one of the coolest trade shows on the planet for new tech gadgets and this year Fashion Tech got some nice attention thanks to virtual dressing room FaceCake. The company’s Swivel product uses a camera system that easily allows people to overlay clothing items on top of their body. The system has already been deployed in 20 Bloomingdale’s locations and this year they announced two new products at CES.

Bloomingdales FaceCake

Swivel Close-Up is a new product that allows shoppers to sample jewelry and makeup thanks to a massive two-foot touchscreen. This is a pretty slick way for FaceCake to make an even bigger move into the accessory space which is definitely an nice bonus when it comes to up-selling. This is also incredibly useful for makeup since people rarely want to try on 8 different blushes or eye-liners as they may leave the store looking a bit ridicules.


Swivel Digital Signage is the second new addition to FaceCake’s product line up, it cycles through outfits as shoppers walk by. The goal of Digital Signage is to catch people’s attention and encourage them to come into a store and try on an outfit. Think of it a bit like you’re living in the future and all the ads you see are tailored directly to you, heck, you’re in them!

You can learn more about FaceCake at or see them in action at a Bloomingdale’s near you.

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  1. john mcleod says:

    That is the coolest thing I have seen in quite awhile. No more static billboards and now no more static..anything. I wonder if RFID
    Tags in shoppers clothing and purses can be used to determine the outfits dispalyed? Excellent post!

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