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We are very excited to announce that Fashion Metric has been featured on WearToClick for the month of May! If you don’t know what WearToClick is, it is a new online fashion magazine based in LA that features some of the hottest companies, blogs, and designers in the fashion world.

WearToClickWe first met Rebecca, the founder of WearToClick at the LA Fashion Technology showcase earlier this year. She told us all about WearToClick and after looking at the site we were impressed. Together Rebecca and Alison (the founders) have built an amazing resource and it’s growing quickly! We’ve been following them on Twitter and learning about some amazing brands thanks to their site.

That’s also why we were honored to get an email from Rebecca asking us if they could feature Fashion Metric for the month of May! They like what we are doing and want to share it with the world and wrote a great article about Fashion Metric in the Shop + Click section of their site.

Shop and Click - Fashion MetricSo if you haven’t yet checked-out we highly recommend it, and while you’re there you might recognize a familiar face or two. Huge thanks to Rebecca and team for doing what they’re doing, we are really enjoying the site and incredibly honored to be on it!

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