Fashion Metric Customer Spotlight – SnapSuits


The custom suiting space has been growing exponentially over the last few years as more and more companies move online. Selling custom clothing online has always been a challenge because there’s usually two options:

  1. Ask your customer to measure themselves – highly error prone with exchange rates often north of 40%
  2. Ask your customer toget measured by a tailor – this meansfinding a local tailor, making an appointment, and going in-person to get measured

SnapSuits Logo

SnapSuitswanted to go big in the custom space without the big price tag. They partnered with Fashion Metric to make it easier than ever for their customers to buy custom online without the hassle of measuring themselves or visiting a tailor. On top of this they went a step further and asked questions to help better understand how their customers like their clothes to fit since everyone likes to wear their clothes a bit differently.

The result.

One of the best online experiences for buying a custom suit. Here’swhat the fitting process looks like,you’ll notice that the shopper never has to touch a measuring tape or leave their house.

SnapSuits Custom Suiting

SnapSuits Custom Tuxedos

Fashion Metric Virtual Tailor

SnapSuits - Fit Preference

If you want to hear more about SnapSuits, there’s a great video that was just released that will give youall the details in under two minutes.

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