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Fashion Friday

Hello, happy Friday, and welcome to Fashion Friday! Every week we want to take you inside the world of men’s fashion to highlight some of the best stories of the week. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a fashion nut to enjoy Fashion Friday, we like to highlight informative or DIY posts that can help you look your best.

With the weekend coming up it never hurts to get a bit of inspiration so that you can really turn some heads. We are constantly reading mens fashion news, below are some of the articles we’ve had picked for you this week, enjoy!


1.Why You Should Care About What’s Under There: A Quick Guide To UndershirtsEffortless Gent (follow on Twitter)

If you’re wearing an old white t-shirt under your button downs because you think it still looks good, it’s time for a reality check. A bad looking undershirt can ruin the stylish shirt on top of it yet this topic isn’t covered very often in the mens fashion world. Honestly, this is one of the best articles we’ve ever read about undershirts which is why it made the #1 spot this week.


2.Men’s Fur/Borg Collar JacketsFashion Beans (follow on Twitter)

It’s October which means that cold weather is coming. Okay, maybe not for us here in LA, but that doesn’t mean that we still don’t want a good excuse to wear an awesome jacket, right? This article covers some great looks and has tons of photos that could inspire some outfit options for yourself maybe even with clothes you already have.

Mr. Porter Logo

3.The Look: Californian Cool – Mr. Porter (follow on Twitter)

Okay, so call us biased, but we love the whole California Cool vibe and Mr. Porter did an excellent feature really digging deeper into what makes style here in California so special. Even if you’re not here in sunny LA that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it!

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