Fashion Friday Our Top Menswear Reads For The Week

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Hello, Happy Friday, and welcome to Fashion Friday here on the Fashion Metric blog. As usual we have scoured the web for the best blog posts about mens fashion and curated them for your reading pleasure. Of course since tonight is an un-official Halloween night we know that many of you are out and about.

So that just means you’ll be saving these for your weekend reads? Ready to get stylin’? Then read on!

Effortless Gent

1.Getting Your Mister Rogers On: How To Choose And Wear a Cardigan- Effortless Gent

If you’ve ever wondered if you could pull-off a Cardigan, wonder no more. You can, but you might need a little help in understanding the rules of the road. As usual our friends at Effortless Gent are on your side to help you navigate the world of cardigans.

2.Made To Last | North Sea Clothing- A Continuous Lean

It’s getting cold all over the US which means you can now put some much-needed focus on stylish sweaters. The knit sweater is a timeless classic that has seen a nice refresh thanks to companies like North Sea Clothing.


With the holidays coming up you are bound to end-up at a few holiday parties. If you’re reading our blog you probably care at least a little bit about how you look and thanks to Mr. Porter, the missing manual you’ve been looking for has arrived.

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