Did You Know BirchBox Is For Guys Too?

By | Mens Fashion

BirchBox is possibly the most successful subscription service out there and while many people always think of it as a service for women, they have a BirchBox for men too. Every month they will send guys a box of grooming and lifestyle products as well as some tips on how to use them.

birchbox-man-home-600x358-3GQ recently did a great article about how it is becoming the norm for well-dressed guys to go beyond the clothes they wear and actually put some time and energy into grooming themselves. Yes, that $2,500 suit won’t look great with dry cracked hands with dirt under your fingernails.

Men’s grooming is in, and BirchBox is a great way to discover new products. We just signed-up and are looking forward to getting our first box soon, when we do you can bet we’ll be sharing what we find with all of you!

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  1. Simi Fashion says:

    BrichBox having a more collection.I saw that collection its really nice…Thanks for posting this one..

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