Custom Suit Maker SnapSuits Finds the Perfect Fit with Bold Metrics

Bold Metrics helped Snapsuits slash returns to just 13% and save thousands over an 18-month time frame 

“It removes a big obstacle to the sale, and it gives our customers the reassurance they need to order a custom suit online.”

—Ryan Leahy, Co-Founder of Snapsuits

Snapsuits leveraged Bold Metrics technology to create custom-fitting suits for its customers

The product: Suit Up In A Snap

Brothers Ryan and Dean Leahy created SnapSuits in 2014  to give frequent suit wearers the opportunity to purchase affordable, high-quality, customizable suits, completely tailored to the buyer’s preferred style.

The challenge: Syncing Up The Suits

As an online store, SnapSuits faced a high hurdle before the sale – getting groomsmen to visit a tailor for measurements, or worse, to measure themselves accurately. After a failed attempt at using 3D body scanning technology that leveraged customers’ web cameras, the brothers realized they needed a low friction way to get accurate measurements for Snapsuits to succeed.

The solution

  • SnapSuits integrated Bold Metrics into its Shopify site in under 3 weeks via their team of 4 part-time developers and designers. 
  • The company also combined its own proprietary measurement database with that of Bold Metrics for a more comprehensive data set.
  • This was then back-integrated with the Shopify site to measure and deliver orders.

The results

Snapsuits was able to cut their custom suit returns rate down to a competitive 13%. The accuracy of the measurements meant a higher conversion rate, driving brand loyalty by introducing customers to better-fitting suits and shirts. Thousands of dollars in supplier-borne costs, which would have resulted from ill-fitting suits, were saved over the initial 18 month period as a result of integrating Bold Metrics technology.

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