Borrowing Magnolia’s Brides Can Now Say “I Do” to Online Gown Rentals.

“Bold Metrics is an excellent strategic partner for anyone looking to tailor fit or eliminate the universal problem of size. Their customer service is unparalleled, and their technology game-changing.”

— Cali Brutz, Co-Founder of Borrowing Magnolia.

Double The Love

In 2014, Cali Brutz and Ashley Steele saw an opportunity and co-founded online boutique Borrowing Magnolia to connect brides to beautiful, pre-loved gowns at attractive discounts.

Unfortunately, bridal sizes notoriously unstandardized and Borrowing Magnolia’s inventory was pre-owned and often pre-altered, making label size a particularly unreliable predictor of fit. This also meant that sourcing the right-sized models to showcase the gowns online became a tedious and time-consuming challenge.

By integrating Bold Metrics fit technology, the online bridal boutique was able to connect brides with gowns that fit them in just 5-6 easy questions, leading a 50% growth in conversions.  Not only that but by generating input from over 50 different body measurements, the company’s fit accuracy was able to hit an impressive 90%. The actionable insights that were harnessed as a result also helped streamline the company’s merchandising processes, improving their bottom line.

“With the help of Bold Metrics, we have virtually eliminated fit as a reason that users may not convert.”

— Cali Brutz, Co-Founder of Borrowing Magnolia.

The Results

Borrowing Magnolia’s fit accuracy hit an incredible 90% after working with Bold Metrics. Using the unique technology platform customized for them, the brand was able to personalize recommendations for potential customers, in the process, developing a stellar reputation for their services and saving a significant amount of time and labor on photoshoots.

Integrating Bold Metrics technology solutions lead to a 50% increase in conversions for both rentals and gown purchases and by using A.I to match models to dresses that need to be photographed, Borrowing Magnolia was able to halve their image production times, as well as showcase new gowns on their site with competitive efficiency.

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