Bold Metrics Helped Lango Shels Combine Fit, Form and Function for Medical Professionals

By integrating Bold Metrics A.I and machine learning-based fit technology, Lango Shels was able to increase revenue by 50%.

“If you’re interested in reducing your sales expense, improving your custom tailoring accuracy and reducing product returns, this is definitely a system that you seriously need to think about integrating into your business operations.”

—Bert Emanuel, President & CEO of Lango Shels.

Medical professionals can have their scrubs tailored to fit thanks to Bold Metrics innovative Virtual Tailor technology.

The product: Giving Scrubs An Upgrade

Former NFL player turned entrepreneur Bert Emanuel, President & CEO of Lango Shels, worked with two doctors to design custom-tailored scrubs that paired style with function. These innovative MEDSUITS combined comfort and utility with antimicrobial features, providing medical personnel with upgraded professional apparel that both looked and felt great.

The challenge: Unscalable and Untenable

But when the product was ready to hit the market, the Lango Shels team struggled to find an efficient way to measure and sell to clients. Their first sales model included a lengthy process of hiring, training and deploying sales reps to measure clients in person. This resulted in each order taking up to five weeks to process. Human error also meant that measurements were often inaccurate, leading to a roughly 60 percent return rate for alterations. 

The solution

  • Integrating Bold Metrics technology to transition a highly labor-and-time-intensive client fitting cycle into a 2 min job.
  • Using the custom suite of Machine Learning algorithms developed by Bold Metrics to continuously improve the fit experience.
  • Bold Metrics also created additional backend measurements to create a better MEDSUITS fit on the customer.

The results

Using Bold Metrics technology, Lango Shels’ client fitting cycle went down from five weeks to two minutes and their alterations return rate dropped from 60% to just 4%. Emanuel and team used their extra time and resources to grow the company by 50% over the course of 12 months.

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