Bold Metrics Announces Contactless Fit™ – An AI-Powered Solution For Clothing Stores Reopening In The Age Of Covid-19

Contactless Fit™

As Covid-19 swept the globe, most countries reacted by imposing lockdowns and strict shelter-in-place orders. Stores not deemed essential were forced to close temporarily, and even as restrictions ease and some brick-and-mortar stores began reopening, how customers shop for clothes has already changed dramatically. Even when apparel stores reopen, the fitting rooms often remain closed and there’s a chance the concept of a fitting room will go away forever

Contactless Fit™ is an AI-powered solution for apparel brands to connect customers to clothes that fit them best according to individual body shape and size, without the need to try-on any actual clothing. A powerful first-to-market solution that can be used both in-store and online to help apparel brands navigate the retail challenges of a post-COVID world, it also takes into account individual fit and style preferences for a more personalized retail experience.

According to an article by Sourcing Journal, even with the gradual reopening of apparel stores, “As many as 65 percent of women and 54 percent of men say they will not feel safe trying on clothes in dressing rooms, while 66 percent of women and 54 of men would not feel safe working with a sales associate.” Touch-free solutions harnessed in-store that complement the retail experience are one way of addressing this shift in customer behavior as a result of the global pandemic.

Contactless Fit™ is a first-to-market solution by Bold Metrics that easily integrates into the in-store experience to help shoppers find the right size without ever physically trying on the clothes. Customers simply answer 4-6 questions either on a stand-alone tablet or directly on their phone and Bold Metrics uses eight years of data and best-in-class machine learning algorithms to accurately predict a customer’s best size. Along with recommending a size, Contactless Fit™ goes a step further to replicate the fitting room experience, allowing customers to understand how different sizes would fit on their body allowing them to buy clothes based on their unique fit preference.

“At Bold Metrics, we’ve been focused on helping shoppers find their best fit through online shopping experiences where consumer access to the information regarding the size of a particular style is often limited. Now, we’ve seen demand for our technology in-store, to help retailers provide their customers with a seamless experience around finding their fit and sizing without access to a fitting room,” says Daina Burnes, CEO of Bold Metrics. 

Since COVID-19 is able to survive on surfaces, including clothing and packaging, providing a safe retail experience while encouraging customers to shop remains a top priority for retailers. Contactless Fit™ helps retailers communicate size and fit to their customers in the absence of fitting rooms, and could very well become the new normal, in our new normal.

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