Bold Metrics and Trimirror create a powerful 3-D virtual fitting solution

Screen image of 3D avatar in a green dress

Trimirror has produced the world’s first real-time cloth simulation and multi-platform 3D virtual fitting solution that allows the try-on of real clothes on highly customizable avatar bodies.

Their technology can be implemented on the web and streamed in real-time from the cloud, on tablets and phones and its 3D Draper tool for designers can help apparel companies to minimize sampling and streamline their entire supply chain.

Trimirror’s new 3D Draper tool in action

What this means for apparel brands…

Bold Metrics Virtual Fitting Room 3D-Design plug-in is combined with Trimirror’s 3D virtual fitting solution to power customizable avatars that can virtually try-on clothes in actual customer body measurements, making it easy for customers to see how clothes fit before they buy. 

Combined with our unique BodyVue tool, with its custom heatmap technology showing how tight or loose a garment’s fit is, customers can easily visualize exactly how a piece of clothing fits on different parts of their body.

Bold Metrics’ unique virtual try-on technology enables customers to view a heat-map that shows exactly how a garment will fit on their body. Red areas show where the jeans fit more snugly or tightly, while the lighter the color, the more loose-fitting the garment ‘s fit will be on that particular part of the customer’s body.

Contactless Fit Solutions for eCommerce and In-store

  • Virtual try-on technology that will allow your customers to try before they buy with 3D visualization capabilities.
  • Help shoppers visually understand how different styles will look on their body.
  • Increase consumer confidence by enabling shoppers to know what size to buy, how it will fit, and what it will look like before they buy.
  • Size and style recommendations for every unique user. They can zoom in and see the high-definition texture of the garment, see it in transparent mode and how it drapes around the body, and in tension map mode which shows where the garment is tight or loose.

To find out more, see the full partnership details here.

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