Bold Metrics and Crave Retail announce a new partnership to supercharge the customer retail experience.

Crave Retail Bold Metrics in store terminal for shopper style and size recommendations

Data-backed efficiency

Crave Retail provides apparel and fashion retailers with an effortless way to boost the customer try-on experience with their integrated shopping room experience. From on-demand product requests to omnichannel capabilities and instant, personalized product recommendations, its proprietary technology is built for the iPad and tablet experience to enable simple in-store installation.

Crave Retail’s Associate Assist technology empowers in-store sales staff to help customers with their try-on journey safely and easily, while its store dashboard provides actionable insights that increase revenue and optimize customer engagement opportunities.

Crave retail Bold Metrics in-store terminal for shoppers to find their style in their recommended size.
Apparel retail stores can use easy-to-install tablets and iPads that enable customers find their size in-store easily and quickly.

How the partnership works

Crave Retail’s integrated shopping room experience works with Bold Metrics A.I-powered sizing recommendations to improve the customer shopping experience and keep shoppers and store staff safe.

The fully-integrated shopping room experience powered by Crave Retail’s advanced technology is bolstered by Bold Metrics A.I-based sizing recommendations. The partnership seamlessly matches customers to their selected style, in their preferred fit according to personal preferences.

Screenshot of Crave Retail and Bold Metrics shopper assistance example
Crave Retail instantly helps shoppers make their apparel try-on journey faster and more personalized, while Bold Metrics sizing recommendations mean that customers no longer have to try on multiple sizes of a style to find out which fits best.
Screenshot of Crave Retail and Bold Metrics shopper inputs for age and waist to determine best size recommendation
Customers just answer a few simple questions to help the technology accurately predict which size fits best.
Screenshot of Crave Retail and Bold Metrics shopper inputs for height and weight to determine best size recommendation
Customers can be quickly and easily matched to clothing that fits them best according to personal fit preferences without the need for a measuring tape

Providing contextualized fitting options for each garment style and optimizing the in-store try-on experience to help boost conversions, sales, and improve the customer experience when it comes to purchasing clothing safely in a post-COVID world. From assisting sales staff in-store with contactless fittings using Bold Metrics’ technology, this exciting new partnership enables store staff to provide efficient, instant in-store assistance using the latest information on store inventory, size availability, and highly accurate size recommendations, all at their fingertips, and without the need for any physical try-ons or a single measuring tape.

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