Blue Delta Jeans Co.’s Custom Made Jeans Makes Finding Great-Fitting Pants Easy

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These bespoke jeans are handmade in the USA with skills honed over years of training and a fitting process that blends cutting-edge technology with pinpoint accuracy.

Finding jeans that fit right is tough but Blue Delta’s Virtual Tailor powered by Bold Metrics makes it as easy as filling in a simple survey. No measuring tape required. How easy and accurate? Just ask Asya Branch, Miss USA 2020.

Mississippi-based custom-fitted jeans company, Blue Delta Jean Co. leans into fit like a true connoisseur. After all, there is nothing quite like finding a pair of perfectly-fitting jeans to inspire avid loyalty and dedication, especially when the product itself is proof. 

Founded in Tupelo by Nick Weaver and Josh West, Blue Delta Jeans Co. is the passionate endeavor of two friends who saw vast potential in Tupelo’s early denim manufacturing heritage. From athletes’ bodies (it is notoriously hard for pro football players to find good jeans since they don’t fit into most standard sizing) to everyday folk just looking for a pair of well-made jeans that fit, Blue Delta Jeans Co. solves the complexities of finding your perfect pair. 

Customers just answer a few easy questions for Bold Metrics best-in-class AI Body Scanning technology to predict 50 individual customer body measurements. An accurate, quick and contactless way of getting fitted for your custom jeans.

What makes them unique?

Blue Delta Jean Co. is a true bespoke jeans company, meaning that the customer is involved in every step of the process and gets to customize every single detail of their jeans – from material to cut and fit, right down to the hardware and the color of the thread used to stitch the jeans. Every pair is made from scratch according to the client’s wishes. Also, every pair of Blue Delta Jeans is handmade in the US. It’s no surprise why the company counts the likes of celebrities and athletes like Riley Green and Dak Prescott as fans.

“With the implementation of the Bold Metrics Virtual Tailor, we are able to collect these same measurements from anyone, anywhere, anytime, and have full confidence that the product we make will fit.”

— Blue Delta Jeans Co. CEO and Co-founder, Josh West

How It Works

1. Get fitted

Leveraging Bold Metrics’ AI Body Modeling technology, customers just fill in a simple survey online to determine over 50 different unique body measurements. The process is quick, simple and highly accurate. It makes use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to generate an accurate profile of customer body data so the tailors can use the measurements to begin the pattern-making process immediately. The entire virtual fitting process takes just a few minutes.

2. Select your cloth (and thread and hardware…)

Customization is the name of the game. With an array of premium denim cloth, most of which is grown and milled in the USA, alongside a curated selection of top quality fabrics sourced from Japan and Italy, the customer picks their preferred fabric, thread color, custom loops and hardware, like rivets, which strengthens the jeans while lending a nice aesthetic finish.  

3. Patience

Once all aspects of the jeans have been decided upon and the measurements are on file, a skilled craftsperson starts the assembling and sewing process. It usually takes a few weeks for the jeans to be ready.

With so many different quality fabrics to pick from at Blue Delta Jeans Co., you’ll be hard-pressed not to find one (or two, or three…) that you love.

4. The finished product

 The devil’s in the details and good jeans are definitely about the minutiae of fit. Every body is different and unique but Blue Delta Jeans has made it a point to ensure that their fitting process is easy, accurate and the benchmark for bespoke jeans. In addition to Bold Metrics Virtual Tailor solution, which has seen incredible success with Blue Delta customers looking to get fitted but unable to come in person for a fitting, The company also provides measurement services in house and via trunk show. But the beauty of having a reliable online fitting tool is its ability to help Blue Delta scale its business while personalizing the fitting experience for its customers in a way that is fast, convenient and intuitive. 

“Together with Bold Metrics, Blue Delta Jeans Co.’s seamless and personalized fitting experience around custom denim has significantly expanded its potential customer base and created a scalable, direct-to-consumer custom denim model that makes on-demand custom manufacturing a reality.”

Jeff Mergy, Chief Product Officer at Bold Metrics

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